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Spoon-Feed you what to invest into, which had outperformed Warren Buffett from 1996 to 2016*

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*If we can't prove this, you will get a full refund with additional RM 20
Andrew Seah (40) Kuala Lumpur

Your advice is very logical and this 1-1 session is really beneficial.

The thing is I don’t have time to go and research about stocks…company and do value investing, because I am working and I have two young kids.

Andrew Seah (40) Kuala Lumpur Enterprise Software License Advisor at a Shell
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Muhd Fuad (26), Kuching

I’ve attended a lot of session where most so-called experts give mindset and motivational advice. That’s not useful.

Your advisory is different. You are clear, concise and straight to the point with solid action steps. We need more of this kind of advisory.

Muhd Fuad (26), Kuching Electrical Engineer at PETRONAS
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Wendy Wong, Kuala Lumpur

Your story-telling approach is very logical, backed by numbers and data.

I really enjoyed and appreciated it.

And I think it’s very worthwhile to go through the advisory session with you

Wendy Wong, Kuala Lumpur People and Organization Director, Southeast Asia at Mars Incorporated
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Teo Jyr Jong (60+) Kuala Lumpur

I confessed that I have not been very consistent with my stocks investing

Therefore, I find this 1-1 session enlightening because you’ve shown me that index investing matches, and even beats Warren Buffett’s returns.

I mean, I recall he (Warren Buffett) also has been saying that you (should) just go and buy index…

Teo Jyr Jong (60+) Kuala Lumpur Retired from Oil & Gas Industry, A Savvy Investor
Chiam EH (38) Penang

I was looking for an alternate way to invest in the market without being too actively involved, but the returns got to be above average than most, in other words won’t under-performed the broad market.

Your recommendation fits my requirement perfectly. Like what you said, investing is not about excitement, it’s all about profit. The price goes up-down, up-down but if you don’t earn a net profit, also useless.

All-in-all, I strongly believe index investing because I buy the concept of investment portfolio rather than a single stocks or counter.

Chiam EH (38) Penang IT-Software Engineer

Enough of learning from various investing or trading courses out there

I will cut to the chase and save you all the bullsh*t Here are what you will NOT be getting

  • You will NOT get any 'step-by-step investing system' to follow
  • You will NOT need to learn or do any fundamental analysis
  • You will NOT need to learn or do any technical analysis
  • You will NOT need to pay for any special trading software or app
  • You will NOT need to dabble in any FOREX or stocks trading
  • You will NOT need to invest into any hedge funds or private equity
  • You will NOT need to use any complex instruments like options or CFDs
  • You will NOT need to borrow $ to invest or trade
  • You will NOT get any feel-good motivational talks from me
  • You will NOT get any market outlook or predictions (because that's irrelevant)
  • This is not any 'Get-Rich-Quick-Make-Bazillion-Dollars-in-your-slippers' scheme

Instead I will tell you what to invest in, on your own (Do-It-Yourself) Here are the 8 'Advisory Deliverables' you will gain from the 1-1 consultation

  • You will DISCOVER what is 'Index X' which had beaten Berkshire Hathaway's returns from 1996 to 2016
  • You will VERIFY with me every exact annual return % figures to prove they are authentic
  • You will KNOW what Exchange Traded Funds that track 'Index X' performance
  • You will LEARN exactly what to buy to track 'Index X' performance in Malaysia & Singapore
  • You will get my RECOMMENDATIONS how to further enhance future returns using the aforementioned ETFs
  • You will KNOW what accounts to open to invest in ETFs which track 'Index X'
  • You will LEARN how to manage currency risks of investing into these ETFs
  • You will be ABLE TO START IMMEDIATELY after the consultation session

1-1 Consultation (no time constraint)
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797 one time

A copy of video recording during the Skype conference call or we meet face-to-face for consultation session

If you want to have a physical meeting for consultation session (in Penang only) or you want to have a MP4 recording of the consultation session (outside Penang), this is for you. You can pick either one but not both.
  • 1-1 Consultation (no time constraint)YES
  • Video recording of the consultation session or a face-to-face meetingYES

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…because I am willing to put my reputation on the line on the 8 ‘Advisory Deliverables’.

Otherwise, I would consult for FREE,  and you will RM 20 extra in your pocket on top of full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HI, it's CF LIEU here. I’ve pledged to always be honest with you, and I’ll tell what to expect from this 1-1 consultation.

Click a question below to expand the answer:

How does the 1-1 consultation session work? +

If you are located in Penang, a face-to-face meeting appointment can be arranged. Otherwise, the 1-1 consultation session will be conducted via Skype/Google Hangout with webcam and screen sharing.

How long is the 1-1 consultation session? +

I do not set any time constraint because some may absorb this information slower, some may be faster. We may also need to break the consultation session into 2 sessions per your convenience. My promise to you is that you will get all 8 Advisory Deliverables listed above.

What if I don't know anything about investing? +

You do not need to know (much) about investing or ETFs. Remember I am consulting for what that had beaten Berkshire Hathaway for the past 20 years, and how we could likely mirror that kind of performance using ETFs tracking 'Index X', in any economic conditions. I’ll show you exactly how to start from zero - what to do and how to do it (yes, you can say I am spoon-feeding you).

Is this another online course? +

No, this is a 1-1 consultation session and you need to book my time slots for the 'live' 1-1 meeting.

How do I get coupon code for discount? +

Yes, there is 15% discount. Please let me know what if you previously bought any of these courses -, or Upon verification, we will send you the coupon code to be entitled for 15% discount.

Is there any refund? +

I will not only refund you, but will top up RM 20 for lunch tomorrow as an apology if I cannot deliver all the advisory scopes mentioned in the table above.

However, if I've covered all the advisory scopes per my guarantee, there is no refund of consultation fees once done.